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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about RubX. If you did not find the answer to your question, please ask us in

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RubX Features


How do I suggest a new feature?

Send it to

Any feature that violates the App Store Guidelines will be rejected!

How do I report a bug in RubX?

If you have found an issue, send a mail to with every piece of information listed below. 

  1. The #bug hashtag.
  2. A short but complete description of the bug. (You may also include a video or picture demonstrating the bug, if you think it would help.)
  3. What version of iOS you are using (13.1.3, 12.4.1, etc.).
  4. What version of RubX you are using (5.11, 5.10, etc.).
  5. What build number of RubX you are using (66, etc.).

You can find the version and build number of RubX by tapping the settings gear 10 times quickly and then scrolling to the bottom of the screen. You should see com.roobika.rubx and X.XX (YY)

X.XX is the version number. (YY) is the build number.

Privacy Policy

RubX’s privacy policy can be found here: